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For your special demands we are able to adapt form factor, focal spot size, target material, tube-power, and many other parameters or develop totally tailor-made tubes.


What parameters should your desired tube have?

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Tailor made microfocus X-ray tube with special target

The X-ray sources (brown boxes) and the optical chambers are connected by short arms. The magenta lines indicate the alignment beam path.


One customer need driven development was our tube for BEaTriX, a tailor made microfocus X-ray tube with a titanium target.

BEaTriX is the Beam Expander Testing X-ray facility under the development of the INAF - Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica-Osservatorio Astronomico Brera, Italy. BEaTriX is characterized by a broad, uniform and parallel X-ray beam obtained with an X-ray microfocus source placed in the focus of a paraboloidal mirror. Here our tailor made X-ray tube with an adjusted spot size, a titanium target for radiation in the 4.5 keV range and a custom interface is used as the X-ray source in a complex system for testing mirror modules developed for the ATHENA X-ray telescope. The ATHENA X-ray telescope comprises an optical system with several hundreds of Silicon Pore Optics Mirror Modules to be assembled. All the Mirror Modules have to be tested for acceptance before integration. ATHENA is an X-ray observatory to be proposed as a large mission for the European Space Agency - ESA science program. It will be conceived to answer some of the most pressing questions in Astrophysics for the late 2020s that can uniquely be addressed with X-ray observations.

The test system with our Ti X-ray tube is expected to be ready at the end of 2020 and the project is generally expected to be launched into space in 2031.


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