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Montel Optics

Mo-IµS vs. Ag-IµS: Comparison of powder diffraction patterns and resolution limits of of LaB6 (exposure time: 300 s, detector-Distance: 200 mm)

Mo-IµS vs. Ag-IµS: Gain in resolution by “Compression” of the Reciprocal Space Gabapentin Heptahydrate, Be-free DAC (300 µm gasket, 0.8 GPa), measured with a Bruker AXS APEX II goniometer. The red marked area would not be accessible with Mo radiation.

Bruker D8 SMART APEX II with Ag-IµS, Prof. D. Stalke, Dr. F. Fabbiani, University of Göttingen

Bruker D8 Venture with Mo-IµS and Photon 100, Bruker AXS Karlsruhe


Incoatec Microfocus source IµS-Ag combined with a mardtb with diamond anvil cell


The Ag-IµS HB is the ideal X-ray source for high-pressure crystallography, either for single crystals or for powder samples. The advantages of the Ag-IµS HB for high-pressure research are the reduced absorption and the „compression" of the reciprocal space. Furthermore, the focused beam leads to a reduction of the background that is caused by scattering from the gasket.  It either delivers a focused beam with a FWHM of 95 µm and a divergence of 5 mrad suitable for diffraction on single crystals, or a beam with a FWHM of about 155 µm and a divergence of 2.5 mrad suitable for diffraction experiments on smaller amounts of powder samples (e.g. in a diamond anvil cell).