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Radiography (top) features high take-off angles in order to preserve resolution over a wide field of view. Diffraction (below) does not need a wide field of view, it only needs intense X-ray beams.


For some time Incoatec has been designing its own tube family - the Incoatec X-ray Tube IXT.

IXT is the first microfocus sealed tube that is designed and optimized for crystallography, while most microfocus tubes on the market were designed primarily for radiography.


The Incoatec X-ray Tube IXT

Finite element analysis of the thermal load on the anode

Electron-optic ray-tracing optimization of the focal spot


Higher intensities of Incoatec´s X-ray Tube IXT were achieved by a new tube design and the optimization of critical tube parts, such as changing cathode and anode parameters as well as geometries and take-off angles. An intense X-ray beam is achieved by lowering the take-off angles and elongating the electron beam on the anode. Having this new tube technology in-house gives Incoatec the exclusive opportunity to offer the IμS with specifications not achievable with other microfocus sealed tubes on the market.