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Göbel Mirrors

The most widespread optics for XRD
Göbel Mirrors converts the X-ray beam into a parallel or focused beam and monochromatizes it

Montel Optics

A side-by-side optical scheme for 2D focusing or collimating X-rays overcomes the problem of different magnifications of sequential Kirkpatrick-Baez configurations

XRF Analyzer Crystals

Mirrors for XRF, TXRF and EPMA
They select the required wavelength of the fluorescence radiation emitted by the sample and are used for analysing light elements

Synchrotron Optics

Thin film based reflective optics for all kinds of synchrotron applications as beam guidance, beam shaping and other beamline experiments


Dedicated montel optics for the METALJET X-ray source


Scatterless pinholes for home-lab systems and synchrotrons - for strongly reduced parasitic scattering