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Huber goniometer with APEX II detector in Newcastle, UK

Marresearch 345 dtb in Göttingen, Germany

Marresearch 345 in Liege, Belgium

Replacement of Rigaku RU-200 generator in Boulder, USA

STOE IPDS II in Mainz, Germany

STOE/Dectris dual source setup in Vienna, Austria

Other system upgrades

Incoatec has upgraded more than 50 other commercial X-ray diffractometers from all over the world. An audit of the existing radiation safety system according to your local safety demands with required upgrades is mandatory. Together with detailed experiences about third-party controller systems Incoatec offers a whole in one diffractometer solution with quality Made in Germany.

Typical brands for these upgrades are: marXperts / marresearch, Stoe, Rigaku, Huber, and more ...