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Bruker APEX II DUO IμS in Düsseldorf, Germany

Nonius Kappa APEX II in Jena, Germany

Bruker D8 DISCOVER GADDS in Karlsruhe, Germany

Bruker SMART6000 upgrade in Vigo, Spain as a replacement of the old RAG

Nonius Kappa APEX II in Basel, Switzerland

Bruker NANOSTAR in Vienna, Austria

Bruker SMART APEX DUO in Aachen, Germany

Bruker Nanostar upgrade in Fudan, China

Upgrades on Bruker AXS systems

Incoatec offers the full integration of the IµS microfocus source into all current Bruker D8 diffractometers for XRD and SCD applications. As a subsidiary of the Bruker AXS GmbH we have a deep technical knowledge of the Bruker diffraction products.
At the time where these products become older one can increase their perfomance, e.g. by exchanging the old sealed tube or by adding a secondary source with a complementary type of radiation. Upgrades are always carried out in coordination with the local Bruker service engineers to make sure that a subsequent service situation can be solved in a minimal time frame.