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Montel Optics

Incoatec Microfocus Source IμS combined with a mardtb and imaging plate detector mar345. The hot-air blower is pointing to the sample.

Diffraction pattern of copper phthalocyanine with the phase transition at approximately 300 °C

Phase transitions under non-ambient conditions

The IµS with Cu-Kα radiation and a temperature controlled hot-air blower were mounted at a mar-Desktop beamline with imaging plate detector mar345. The phase transitions of the pigmet phthalocyanine at about 280 °C was investigated with this setup; reaction temperature and activation energy were calculated from the diffraction data.


Montel Optics

IµS-Mo setup for the measurements in transmission geometry

Book-painting with indicated colors and diffraction pattern of green and red colored regions

Microdiffraction on a mediaeval book-painting

The IµS with Mo-Kα radiation and a SMART 1000 CCD-detector were mounted on an optical bench to analyse pigments in a mediaeval book-painting. The chemical composition of the investigated region was analyzed with simultaneous XRF measurements. For each frame an exposure time of 30 seconds was sufficiant for a detailed data analysis of the pigments. With this setup it was possible to scan in an overnight measurement an area of several square millimeter with a resolution of 150 µm.

Montel Optics

IµS-Cr mounted at a Bruker AXS GADDS system with VÅNTEC2000 detector

Profile across a 6 mm weld seam, measuring steps 1 mm

Measurement of residual stresses

The IµS with Cr-Kα radiation was mounted at a goniometer with 1D wire detector and with VÅNTEC2000 area detector respectively. Residual stresses on various iron-containing samples like welds, motor parts, or steel springs were measured using the sin²ψ-method. Using Cr-radiation has the advantages that no iron fluorescense is excited and the Fe (2 1 1) reflex is at 155°2θ. This reflex is very sensitive to strain in the sample.


Montel Optics

IµS integrated in a Bruker AXS GADDS system

Pole figure of the YBCO (004) reflex (left) and BaHfO3 (110) reflex

Texture measurements using the IµS

The IµS with Cu-Kα radiation integrated into a Bruker AXS GADDS system with eulerian cradle and VÅNTEC2000-detector was used for texture measurements on BaHfO3 nanoparticles within an YBCO matrix. In about 50 minutes (including all movements and read-out time) pole figures covering a gamma range up to 65° could be recorded with this setup.

Montel Optics

Incoatec Microfocus Source IμS in combination with a mardtb and an imaging plate detector mar345

Recorded frames of measured parts of sepia cuttlebone

Left: inorganic part of the cuttlebone
Right: organic layer of chitin

Investigating biomaterials with 2D-XRD

The IµS with Mo-Kα radiation mounted at a mar-Desktop beamline with imaging plate detector mar345 was used to investigate the skeletal part (cuttlebone) of a cuttlefish (sepia). Using this setup both signals of textured inorganic material, mostly aragonite, and also organic material was visible in the diffraction frames. The frames were analysed using freely available software like FIT2D and FullProf.
This study shows that it is possible to carry out modern materials analysis with state-of-the-art lab equipment and retrieve information about crystalline compounds, polymers, texture and residual stresses to name but a few.