BulletThe future of X-ray diffractometry will be brilliant!

Collaboration between Excillum, Bruker AXS, and Incoatec

A result of the collaboration between Incoatec and Excillum is that extremely high X-ray intensities have been achieved with a combination of Excillum’s source and Incoatec’s Montel multilayer optics.

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Single Crystal Diffraction

The precise determination of the three-dimensional crystal structure of a compound is crucial to understanding the properties and function of the material. This is a key task in drug design and materials research where compounds of both chemical and biological interest are studied - for example new synthetic chemicals, catalysts, pharmaceuticals, natural products, proteins, and minerals. Generally, single crystal diffraction (SCD) is the method of choice for obtaining very accurate three-dimensional structural models.


Chemical Crystallography Biological Crystallography